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Group Childcare

Group Childcare Page

(Download APPLICATION to be a group childcare sitter)

Having an event with 1 or more attendees that have children? Increase your turnout by offering our professional, fun, safe and mobile group childcare services! We will bring the entire set up to your location!

Price Breakdown for service:

The number of sitters needed to attend your event determines the service fee. For events lasting longer than 2 hours, and/or located outside of Honolulu please email to receive a quote.

Sitters Price
1-3 $40
4-6 $80
7-10 $105
11+ Call for quote

What’s Included

We will arrange for qualified, reliable sitters to come to your location. The rates
above include recommendations of sitter/child ratios, unlimited phone consultation & guidance for age appropriate entertainment. The day of the event we will provide a professional sign in/out system for parents. Polite & efficient means of contacting parents needed to attend to their children during the event. As well as the assignment of a manager to over look & coordinate the event.

The rates above do not include a facility for childcare, entertainment (toys, movies, etc.) or sitter fees. Sitters charge $15 per hour per sitter. The Manager assigned charges $20 per hour & will count as a sitter in the recommended child/sitter ratio.

At no additional cost Keiki Sitters can provide the following toys: 20 latex balloons, bubbles, stories, stuffed animals, crayons & paper.

What’s Needed

  1. Sign-in table
  2. chairs
  3. Cash for sitters (if possible) We also accept check and credit card.
  4. Snacks for kids (depending on the length of care)
  5. Toys
  6. Location


The Premium Package

For an additional $500 service fee, Keiki Sitters can supply a fun-filled schedule of arts and crafts, games, and creative play to entertain the children. Children will be allowed to take home their crafts they created for themselves and their parents. Once given the ages of the children we will go shopping specifically for your event. You can give the parents a copy of the activities schedule before the event so their children will be looking forward to attending. We will also have copies of the schedule for parents to receive upon registering. Activities include:

Balloons – Children are each given a balloon. First they will write a sweet message to their parents, roll it up and place it inside the balloon. Next they will inflate the balloon and decorate it with markers.

Bubbles – Children can watch, pop, and create bubbles. Older children will be challenged to pop them with their elbows, toes, and knees.

Bendable Building Sticks – 300 brilliantly colored sticks that can be bent to build rainbows, penguins, clowns, butterflies, whatever one can imagine. Sitters will assist children with the steps to create these fun objects.

Temporary Tattoos – Children are able to color in their choice of 1 or more temporary tattoos. After completing their decorations, sitters will assist in applying them.

Craft Fun – Painting on rocks, creating with clay, painting on glass stones, making sock puppets, making friendship bracelets.

Mini Tea Set – Paint a 17 piece ceramic tea set to play and pretend with.

Sky Diver Paper Airplanes – Make 10 planes, fold them and fly them. Comes with a sky diver!

Pesky Pirates – A board game where players must fill their pirate’s chest with the most treasure!

I Spy Bingo – A card is selected with several pictures on it, players must match an item with an item on their game card. Get so many in a row and you win!

And More!

Group Childcare Event Questionnaire

  1. What are the hours of the event?
  2. Will you be expecting families to arrive early? How early would you like the sitters to arrive? We recommend sitters arrive 30 minutes before your event is scheduled to begin. This gives sitters 15 minutes to set up before expecting early registration to begin.
  3. What is the event address?
  4. Will they be serving dinner or snacks to the children during the event?
  5. Water & cups for the children are strongly recommended.
  6. Will sitters be reimbursed for parking?
  7. Any children with special needs or allergies? We can also collect this information upon their arrival. However for serious disabilities we must arrange for trained staff ahead of time.
  8. What toys are you able to provide?
  9. To determine how many sitters will be needed please inform us on how many children are in each age group:


Age Group Recommended Child to Sitter Ratio*
0 - 12months 1/1
1yr 2/1
2yrs 4/1
3yrs 6/1
4yrs 8/1
5yrs 10/1
6+ 15/1

*This ratio is based on the assumption that all ages will be in 1 room together. If the children are divided among age groups there must be at least 2 sitters per room for emergency response situations & to escort some children to the bathroom if there is not one located in the room.


All reservations made with less than 1 week notice from the date of the event will incur an additional charge of $29. Any changes in the headcount of the children or the hours of the event within 3 days or less of the event will not decrease the amount of the invoice. Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to make changes.

Keiki Sitters will be looking forward to making your group childcare event an absolute success!

Please contact us with even the smallest question or slightest concern.

Phone: 861-7294