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Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Sitter Run A Background Check On A Parent?

Definately! However does not have this service built into the site. You can contact Lexis Nexis directly to receive information on runing a background check on a Parent. Lexis Nexis Customer Service Line 1800.227.4908

Background Check

EVERY sitter registered at has returned a clean background check. The background check is a National Criminal Search. Our site allows them to enter their information then Lexis Nexis, the nations leading background screening company, runs the check. Lexis Nexis will charge the sitters $10 for this service.

Personal Information Needed
The check takes 30 seconds to complete. It searches through every courthouse data base within all 50 states. The information Sitters must supply is first & last name, date of birth, address & social security number.

What It covers
The background check will report all Felonies & Misdemeanors committed. A felony is a serious crime such as burglary, murder, rape & molestation. A misdemeanor results in 1 year or less of jail.

The Results
There are 3 background check results. The first & best is Clear. Clear means the sitter have no record in any courthouse within the United States & may proceed to create an account with

The second outcome is Review. One or more results from the searches has returned information that needs to be further reviewed before a decision can be made. If you receive this result please
contact us for further assistance.

The third outcome is Record. This means the sitter has a felony or misdeamor record in a courthouse. If this result appears the sitter will NOT be allowed to become a member to the site.

Important Considerations
Important things to know about the background check. A sitter may have committed a crime & had never gotten caught. Also, When a sitter signs up, there is no way of telling if they are entering another persons name & information to create the account. Although it may be awkward, parents must check the sitters ID card to confirm their name matches the name on their sitter profile. Another thing to consider is that any time a sitter has spent outside of the United States, the National Criminal Search does not cover. The sitter may have committed crimes in a different country.

Because of this we do highly recommend that parents read sitter's resumes, check references & conduct interviews.

Running A More Extensive Background Check

Lexis Nexis has many different background checks that parents may pay a fee to have processed. For example, a parent may request an international background check on a sitter for approximately $30 or request a driving background check (driving record) for approximately $5. For every background check ran the parent must receive permission from the sitter prior to running it. Please contact Lexis Nexis for more information. Sitter's may also run a background check on parents.

Lexis Nexis
Background Screening Solutions
Option 4
Hours: M - F 8am - 7pm Est.

What if I have more questions?

To best answer your questions & most efficiently create our FAQ page, please contact us with any question you may have. We will gladly assist you & add your question to this page.

If you do not find the perfect sitter within 2 weeks of your search, we will refund your money & allow you to keep your membership for FREE!

For example, if you signed up for the monthly membership & did not find a sitter during the first 2 weeks of your search, then we will refund your money & your account will automatically suspend itself at the end of your 30 day membership. The annual membership would not suspend itself until 365 days (including the first 2 weeks). So if you are skeptical about our services, but are interested in trying it out, the best membership to sign up for is the annual because if you cannot find the perfect sitter you will receive an entire year FREE!

For administration reasons please contact us no later than 30 days from the creation of your account to receive the free membership.

Do I really get a free massage if I Sign Up?

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